Jim Guenthoer: The Successful Stack Test

    Sep 27, 2018

    In these inaugural episodes of CleanAir's podcast series Hot Air, I sit down with Jim Guenthoer to talk about the elements necessary for a successful stack test. Jim brings his 40+ years of stack testing experience to the table and provides lots of practical advice and anecdotes for both those who use stack testing services and those who provide them. Part 1 covers pre-test activities, Part 2 deals with the testing itself, and Part 3 addresses post-test activities.

    Our discussion is available as both an audio podcast and a video presentation. During the audio podcast, there are occasional references to the slides but not to the extent that it makes it difficult to follow without the slides. A link to download a copy of Jim's slides is provided below.

    The audio podcast can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Stitcher, or Google Play or is available via a web link. All links are provided below. Subscribe to the podcast to receive new episodes of interest to anyone involved with air quality issues. Enjoy!


    The Successful Stack Test: Part 1: Pre-Test

    • Why We Test
    • Selecting the Test Contractor
    • The Test Plan
    • Choosing a Test Method
    • Safety
    • Site Access
    • Site Support

    The Successful Stack Test: Part 2: The Test

    • Equipment Mobilization and Setup
    • Sampling and Data Collection
    • Sample Recovery
    • Wrapping Up Activities

    The Successful Stack Test: Part 3: Post-Test

    • Sample Analysis and Laboratories
    • Test Report Considerations
    • Concluding Thoughts

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    The Successful Stack Test

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    Link to a copy of Jim's slides: