Danny Landry: Drones for Inspection and Air Quality Monitoring

    Sep 28, 2018

    Danny Landry is a pioneering entrepreneur in the field of drone (or UAV) use for industrial inspection and air quality monitoring. In this episode of Hot Air, I talk with Danny about various UAV applications in air quality monitoring, optical gas imaging, confined space inspections, 3-D plant modeling, and related topics.

    I met Danny when he worked with us on an innovative project using a drone as one end of an open path monitoring system to measure stack emissions. Danny did an amazing job implementing the aerial logistics of our vision for using this innovative technology developed by CleanAir. The video below shows some scenes from that project. There is music so be prepared...


    In addition to the open path project, Danny and I discuss the use of UAVs for confined space entry monitoring and inspection, using sophisticated photogrammetric software to develop 3-D models of plants, and other aspects of UAV use for monitoring and inspection. Check out some photos of Danny and his drones below. Also links to two videos on 3-D plant modeling and aerial photography.

    You can reach Danny at dlandry@pitinc.com or visit the website at www.pitinc.com

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    Video Links:

    3-D Plant Modeling

    Aerial photography


    Discussing Strategy for Open Path Monitoring Project



    3-D Plant Model Rendered from Drone Photographs

    3D Model 1


    Confined Space Entry Drone Preparing for Inspection

    Premium Inspection and Testing_Confined Space (1)


    Thermal Imaging



    Drone in Flight with Retroreflector

    LandBros_Case Study


    Confined Space Inspection Photo

    Internal 1


    Discussing Confined Space Inspection Flight Plan

    Premium Inspection and Testing_Confined Space (4)


    Ground Control