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Years of experience in the Northwest has taught us something important...

Written by Mark Roach | Nov 8, 2017

Being closer together is better for both of us. Since the fall of 2016, our new office in Sumner, Washington has made it possible for CleanAir to better serve your needs faster and more efficiently. While our location in Sumner is relatively new, our specialized work providing emissions measurement solutions in the Northwest is not. We have been serving the needs of the region’s top corporations for years.

November 1
Sumner, WA

About The Washington CleanAir Team

Mark Roach, P.E., QSTI, Technical Leader

Our technical team leader is Mark Roach, P.E., QSTI. Mark has over 30 years experience in the environmental field. He is an expert in air emissions sampling and analysis techniques. He and his team provide technical oversight, project management, quality assurance and field testing services to the pulp and paper, petrochemical and manufacturing industries.  

About CleanAir

CleanAir Engineering offers an integrated array of comprehensive technical and consulting services. As a leader in testing and emissions measurements related to air quality and energy conservation, our services include:

  • Air Pollution Testing and Monitoring
  • Environmental Consulting
  • Thermal Energy Efficiency Testing
  • Pollution Control Equipment Evaluation
  • Gas Measurement Equipment (Sales, Rental, Calibration & Repair)
  • Analytical Services

To learn more about CleanAir contact Mark at:

CleanAir Engineering
13720 24th Street East
Units 102/109 Building E
Sumner WA, 98390
+1 253-447-7951

Chicago, Illinois +1 847-991-3300
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania +1 412-787-9130
Knoxville, Tennessee +1 865-938-7555
Houston, Texas +1 281-443-6941
Marseille, France 011-33-4-91-87-82-10
Jubail, Saudi Arabia, 966-13-341-9355 +1 800-553-5511