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Dr. Dave Johnsen

Dr. Dave Johnsen is closing in on his first decade of experience in the air pollution field. He has a Ph.D. in Environmental Engineering with a focus in air quality from the University of Illinois in Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Johnsen is currently a Special Projects Engineer that provides environmental consulting and works on a variety of research and development projects to provide clients custom solutions for atypical environmental applications.

Dr. Johnsen provides environmental consulting and custom automated system development for clients in a range of industries with recent projects focused in the oil and gas industry. His recent projects include product/system design and automation, statistical analysis, and the development of a range of documents and reports including regulatory review white papers, performance test reports, and patent applications. He specializes in designing and automating systems from concept to completion to meet air pollution measurement and control needs. He also prepares regulatory briefs on issues such as measurement technology applicability and development.

Dr. Johnsen has extensive experience with the measurement and control of volatile organic compounds. He has developed novel measurement and control systems for the US Army Corps of Engineers, US Air Force, Department of Defense, and for the packaging manufacturing industry. Highlighted skills used for these projects include development of data acquisition and control systems, software and user interface development, mathematical modeling implemented for real-time software control, statistical analysis, and performing a life cycle assessment with sensitivity and uncertainty analysis. He has 2 patents, 8 peer-reviewed publications in Environmental Science & Technology, Journal of the Air & Waste Management Association, Carbon, and Adsorption and regularly presents at professional conferences.

The primary focus of Dr. Johnsen’s Ph.D. research involved the development of an activated carbon fiber cloth electrothermal swing adsorption system for the capture and recovery of select volatile organic compounds from industrial gas streams. This work included preparing adsorbents for custom applications, building and automating a bench-scale continuously operating dual vessel adsorption system (treats 2 SCFM gas stream), designing and testing a full-scale adsorption system (treats 2,000 SCFM), and performing a life cycle assessment and cost comparison between electrothermal swing adsorption and more conventional volatile organic compound control systems. Dr. Johnsen also performed system integration and automation for projects that included a novel NOx control system that uses activated carbon as a catalyst, an automated dual vessel water vapor adsorption system, and an open path optical remote sensing system that measures PM10 using LIDAR, open path FTIR, and a TEOM.

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